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It’s been an awful long time since we brought out our water cooler segment, but we have an opportunity to do that once again, and we’re going to revisit a topic we discussed around the cooler four years ago.

As we mentioned for you this morning, yesterday was the first day of games at major national youth softball tournaments in the Denver, CO, area, which have brought several thousand players, coaches and their families to the Mile High City and surrounding communities in for a week of games against teams from around the country. Among the many who have traveled there are several girls from the Valley, their families and teams from the Eastside.

Last night, many of the softball visitors from around the country who were watching the late news on KDVR-TV, the Fox station in Denver (and a sister station to KCPQ here in Seattle), in their hotel rooms down there saw the TV folks run a story about a mom from the north Denver suburb of Lakewood, CO, who is now pushing to mandate the use of face masks or other similar safety gear for softball players in the wake of witnessing her teenage daughter survive a head injury that resulted from a line drive that hit her in the face thanks to the player’s use of such a mask. The incident in question happened last week during a game in Lakewood, at the 13-U level.

So we ask you, take a look at the story, linked here, and tell us what you think about this parent’s call for mandatory face masks for softball players, particularly the pitchers and infielders. Also, let us know whether your daughters wear such equipment, and what are the rules for your organization or travel team on this subject? Email us at with all that information, plus your name and contact information. We may have a comment or two on this subject as well down the road.

Rhett Workman

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