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Want also this morning to bring out the water cooler, but with a twist. For those of you who do not know, we have added a Twitter feed to the blog and you can access that by going to @snovalleysports on Twitter. We have links to all of the day’s stories here on the blog and also selected retweets that may be of interest to you if you are a local sports fan, particularly at the high school level.

Anyway, we have posted a link to our water cooler news story there on Twitter and are seeking your feedback. It’s out of Denver, CO, where a controversy has erupted surrounding the sudden resignation of a head football coach at a suburban Denver high school. We have a story about it from KUSA-TV here.

The coach, Dustin Delaney, on Twitter yesterday announced his resignation from the head job at Eaglecrest High School after just one game (he was hired before the season from the Kansas City area, where he had tremendous success), a game which he won by the way, and is citing concerns about school facilities for him leaving. He is claiming in the letter among other things that locker rooms and bathrooms in the school aren’t fully functional, the fields are not in proper shape and have resulted in injuries to players, and other training areas haven’t been properly maintained, potentially putting students at risk of serious illness.

There seems to be a split opinion of reaction on Twitter, from some parents and community members praising the decision, to others suggesting he’s quitting on the kids.

So read the story and if you have thoughts, post them on our Twitter page or you can send them to our email at

Our initial thoughts to the story are simply to say that while we are not on the ground there and do not know the issues at play with the facilities in the school, we can tell you that adequate and safe fields, locker rooms, training areas and other facilities are essential nowadays to ensure success – and safety of athletes – in high school sports. If you are a fan of local high school sports or a resident of either the Riverview or Snoqualmie Valley School Districts, rest assured that both Cedarcrest and Mount Si High Schools provide their student-athletes – and all students in general – proper fields and facilities and requisite access to care that is needed to take care of student medical needs.

As to the school mentioned in the story, we would also assume that the district there is well aware of all of what we just described and makes every effort to provide those facilities, but as is the case with other things in schools, it takes money, and sometimes, the money is prioritized elsewhere. Here’s hoping that regardless of how people feel about this specific coach’s decision to leave his team in this manner, the larger issues he appears to be raising are not thrown under the rug.

Rhett Workman

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