The Snoqualmie Valley Sports Journal’s weekly volleyball report for February 13

Good Wednesday morning. We’ll have a full rundown of yesterday’s action coming up, but we first bring you this week’s Puget Sound Region volleyball report in the SVSJ as we continue to keep track of how local teams with Valley players are faring during the 2019 winter-spring club season in USA Volleyball’s Puget Sound Region.

Well, the snow did them in, too
Needless to say, the snowy past several days not only has blown a major hole into high school athletics as we’ve discussed, it also has blown a hole into this club schedule for the local teams. All of this past weekend’s Power League local play, along with the Platinum Division tournament down in Kelso, was scrubbed due to the weather. The region has announced on Facebook that the league will not reschedule this week of action, so that reduces the available number of games teams will be able to play locally in order to get the best available seedings for the postseason championships. Add in that practices for a lot of the teams have not taken place in recent days due to teams using school facilities for those practices and those facilities being unavailable as a result of school closures, and this adds up to a situation that for many of the clubs results in teams potentially being rusty for upcoming play.

The region office has also been affected, having been closed this week due to school closures in the Edmonds School District, where the office is located (it’s up in Mountlake Terrace off I-5).

So, the challenge perhaps for everyone in the region, in addition to digging out their homes and club facilities, is getting the season back up to speed, and they’ll have a chance to do that this weekend.

This weekend
Well, if they can get the snow out of the way enough to make travel and access to the many venues that will host games in the event safe for participants and fans, Bellevue-based Northwest Juniors is set to host their annual Presidents’ Day weekend event starting on Saturday and finishing on Monday on the Presidents’ Day holiday.

After this past weekend’s cancellations of local play, this weekend will be the first weekend of volleyball for a number of the Valley players since the end of January, and with a lot of teams as we just discussed not having been able to practice much if any the past couple of weeks due to school closures and resulting facility access cancellations, rust will be a big factor in the early matches for everyone as they look to resume some normalcy in their routines. All of the Northwest Juniors teams with locals are set to participate, featuring, among others, Mount Si’s Emily Dann, Dana Dolan and Alyssa Ray and Cedarcrest’s Hannah Winston.

Also slated to participate, and the team we’ll be focused on the most this weekend, will be the Kent-based Kent Juniors 15’s, among the top teams in the region in their age group and which feature three top young Wildcat players. Paige Phelps, Kira Holmberg and Jade Petrzelka represent Mount Si on KJ, and we’re guessing all three of them will probably be happy to get out on the floor and play this weekend after having been stuck at home this week with a good couple of feet of snow on the ground outside and roads in and out of their houses not passable at all. Sudden Impact’s Typhoon U15 team, with fellow Wildcat freshman Bailey Showalter, also is expected to participate.

This will be the last weekend of action locally for teams until the beginning of March, so if this weekend’s tournament gets cancelled due to the weather, then the season basically grinds to a halt. So it will be an interesting weekend for sure, and you’ll want to try to get out and catch a match or two if you can. More information on the tournament is at the Northwest Juniors website.

If they get games in, we’ll have coverage this weekend and a full wrap for you next week here. That has been this week’s look at local club volleyball in the SVSJ.

Rhett Workman

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