SVSJ commentary: It’s been a good week. A damn good week for Mount Si High School boys’ basketball, and it could mean good things for this program moving forward

What a week this week. What a week for both Tyler Patterson and Jabe Mullins, what a week for Mount Si High School’s boys’ basketball program, and in Mullins’ case, what a day for Mount Si High School’s overall athletic program. No Mount Si High School athlete ever, until Tuesday, had received the number of college scholarship offers – five – that Mullins received in one day. ONE DAY. And add to that all of these offers the star senior-to-be picked up were from NCAA Division I schools. Amazing. And to top it off, Patterson received a pair of offers himself.

Patterson started the week, of course, landing an offer from Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, followed by one yesterday from Seattle University. But the two offers the senior-to-be received have been overshadowed, and for good reason, by what happened on Tuesday with Mullins.

It started early with it being announced by the program that he had been offered by the University of Portland, then it continued a couple hours later with two more offers, by Washington State University and the University of San Diego. So, at this point, Mullins was already making history, having landed three high-quality offers. But, there was more. You may know that he is, just like on the basketball floor, very strong academically. So, with that in mind, a pair of schools that are themselves very prestigious academically – California’s Stanford University and Boston’s Northeastern University – also made offers. An amazing day for sure, and one that won’t perhaps ever be repeated by an athlete at this high school.

So what does this all mean for the program, the school and community? A lot. If you thought all the high-level interest Mullins’ then-teammate Jonny Barrett got this past fall and winter in the football recruiting process, with several offers from Ivy League and other schools coming within a period of about 72 hours or so back in December and which we had a similar commentary about then, was crazy enough, well, Mullins blew all of that out of the water Tuesday. And Patterson himself now has four offers from the Division I level. Amazing stuff for sure.

The nature of all the offers, especially for Mullins, once again shows his fellow students the importance of their academic responsibilities, but let’s not forget that Patterson, too, is probably getting a lot of interest because of his academics as well.

It’s great exposure for this basketball program as well, and likely ensures there will be plenty of interest in the team this winter, which, with the new gymnasium, should mean big crowds at home games, something that hasn’t been seen for Mount Si in over a decade. Head coach Jason Griffith has this program perhaps at a level not seen since the Garrick Phillips days, and arguably, Griffith in three short years has brought back the type of successful, well-run program Phillips prided himself on during his 13-year tenure as Mount Si head coach.

But, we would also ask this question, and it’s a question we floated on Twitter this week. Part of the reason we think Mount Si went down to Arizona this past weekend was not just to get their top players looks in front of the assembled college coaches there, it was to give all of their players that same shot. So we would ask the colleges: How about a player like Hayden Curtiss? Curtiss is also a senior-to-be, has a solid club basketball resume with the Team Lavine organization that both Mullins and Patterson are part of, and has, from what we can tell, had a solid summer thus far with the Wildcats. He can be expected to likely hold down a similar role to that of Brett Williams last season, as a solid third offensive option for this Mount Si team. And as you all know, Williams ended up with a college opportunity, to play with Pacific Lutheran this winter.

So we would make this suggestion to schools, as we did the other night on Twitter: Spread the wealth around and make an offer or two to Curtiss and the other soon-to-be senior, Parker Wutherich. Wutherich, of course, his bread and butter is with baseball, but let’s give that young man some options to consider. It never hurts to have multiple options to look at and examine with your parents as you seek out the best fit for your post-secondary future.

There’s going to be another event this weekend – at Bellevue College – with several of the top Mount Si athletes expected to play, including Mullins, Patterson and his brother Quin, and Bennett O’Connor. So the opportunity for additional exposure and interest is very much there for this program this weekend.

If you are a Mount Si basketball fan, mark your calendars and make your way down for the action this winter. You’re in for something special, we expect.

Rhett Workman

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