Top results from yesterday’s track and field meets

Track & Field
MS vs Interlake, Mount Si HS

Team Scores
Boys-MS 79, INT 66
Girls-MS 93, INT 57

Top MS results
100m-Cory Williams, So, 12.54 sec, 5th
200m-Sean Hyland, Fr, 24.29, 3rd
400m-Cole Palmer, Jr, 55.27, wins (MS top three sweep-K. Back 2nd, E. Eichler 3rd)
800m-Landon Storrud, Sr, 2:15.46, 3rd
1600m-Sean Hecker, So, 5:13.49, 7th
3200m-Dominick Canady, Jr, 10:19.50, 2nd
110mHrd-Brad Stevens, Jr, 16.53, wins
300mHrd-Ben Houldridge, Sr, 44.71, wins
4x100rel-MS (Stevens/J. Davis/Eichler/Hyland) 46.74, 2nd
4x400rel-MS (Eichler/Houldridge/Back/Hyland) 3:45.88, 2nd
Shot Put-Brian Copeland, Sr, 44’7.25″, wins (MS top three sweep-B. Herman 2nd, C. Davis 3rd)
Disc-Zach Sletten, Sr, 126’3″, wins (MS top five sweep-Copeland 2nd, A.J. Brevick 3rd, Stevens 4th, P. Link 5th)
Jave-Stevens, 187’5″, wins (MS top three sweep-Brevick 2nd, G. Carlson 3rd)
HJ-Mitchell Smith, So, 5’8″, wins (MS top sweep-J. Proctor and R. Olson t-2nd)
PV-Jimbo Davis, Jr, 12’6″, wins
LJ-Emmitt Rudd, So, 18’4.25″, 2nd
TJ-A.J. Brevick, Sr, 38’1.75″, wins (J. Proctor 2nd)

100m-Jesse Guyer, So, 13.21, wins
200m-Guyer, 27.66, wins
400m-Karlie Hurley, Fr, 1:02.01, 2nd
800m-Christina Volken, Jr, 2:28.85, 2nd
1600m-Delaney Hollis, So, 6:07.92, 3rd
3200m-Bailey Scott, So, 12:39.33, 3rd
100mHrd-Ashley Jackson, Jr, 18.18, wins
300mHrd-Jackson, 50.19, wins
4x100rel-MS (S. Rockow/S. Miller/Guyer/H. Richmond) 52.76, wins
4x200rel-MS (Rockow/Hurley/Miller/Guyer) 1:50.43, wins
4x400rel-MS (Hurley/Volken/M. Hutchison/A. Bottemiller) 4:27.80, wins
Shot Put-Heather Vanourek, Jr, 30’4.25″, wins (A. Suttle 2nd)
Disc-Andrea Suttle, Jr, 80′, wins (S. Brevick 2nd)
Jave-Sara Brevick, Fr, 82’9″, wins
HJ-Lexi Swanson, Sr, 4’2″, 2nd
PV-Hannah Richmond, Jr, 9′, wins
LJ-Jackson, 15’6.5″, wins
TJ-Sophie Rockow and Sally Miller, both Sr’s, 31’9.75″, t-1st

Cedarcrest vs King’s and South Whidbey, Woolsey Stadium (King’s HS), Seattle
Team Scores
Boys-CED 2nd, 78.5 pts (King’s wins, 88.5)
Girls-CED 2nd, 47.5 pts (King’s wins, 92.5)

Top Cedarcrest results
100m-Luke Driscoll, Jr, 11.65 sec, wins (M. Erickson 2nd)
200m-Driscoll, 23.56, wins (Erickson 2nd)
400m-Josh Zimmerman, So, 55.80, 2nd
800m-Quinn Radbourne, So, 2:04.57, wins
1600m-Mitchell Montgomery, Sr, 4:24.70, wins
3200m-Weylin Radbourne, Sr, 11:43.51, 2nd
110mHrd-Zach Jordan, Sr, 16.63, 2nd
300mHrd-Dallin Candland, Sr, 43.51, wins (CED top three sweep-Jordan 2nd, A. Zuvich 3rd)
4x100rel-CED (A. Koons/J. Houser/Erickson/Driscoll) 45.90, wins
4x400rel-CED (Candland/Montgomery/Houser/Koons) 3:36.73, wins
Shot Put-Mike Morod, Jr, 37’5.25″, 6th
Disc-John Soule, Jr, 118’7″, 2nd
Jave-Justin Houser, Sr, 152’4″, 2nd
HJ-Will Foreman, Jr, 5′, 4th
PV-Bennett Minnie, Jr, 12′, 2nd
LJ-Minnie, 16’9″, 5th
TJ-Ryan McGinnis, Jr, 37’3″, wins

100m-Jaclyn Ward, Fr, 13.81, 3rd
200m-Ward, 29.01, 3rd
800m-Tasha Hartwig, Sr, 2:30.07, 2nd
1600m-Madison Smith, Jr, 6:04.75, 4th
3200m-Amelia Anderson, So, 12:16.47, wins (D. Carr 2nd, -0.15 sec behind Anderson)
100mHrd-Stephanie Busch, Fr, 23.07, 6th
4x100rel-CED (Busch/Viger/Hales/Benshoof) 1:00.81, 2nd
4x400rel-CED (Hartwig/M. Hammontree/L. May/M. Vergillo) 4:28.13, wins
Shot Put-Sydney Burke, Fr, 24′.75″, 8th
Disc-Melissa Collinwood, Sr, 81′, 5th
Jave-Hanna Gibson, Sr, 83’4″, 4th
HJ-Allison Bawden, Jr, 4’8″, wins
PV-Bailey Parish, So, 8’9″, wins (CED top three sweep-M. Gorman 2nd, K. Hales 3rd)
LJ-Parish, 14’6.5″, wins
TJ-Bawden, 30′.5″, 2nd

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