Mount Si sports websites affected by Hurricane Sandy

Those of you looking to find information this morning about most of Mount Si’s sports programs through their team websites may have found that the sites were not working. Well, that was the case, and you can blame that on Hurricane Sandy.

Dave Snead, the webmaster for all of the websites through his North Bend-based Starting Gate Websites company, reported on Facebook that the sites were down due to what he described as “network routing” problems in the New York City area that were the apparent result of a number of website server farms having flooded as a result of the storm, which came ashore in New Jersey last night and is causing major weather problems over a large area from Chicago down to Atlanta and all the way up the east coast from there as of now. Snead reports that the server farm his websites are based at is itself fine, and the sites returned to normal earlier this afternoon. Snead operates the websites for MSHS football, volleyball, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, baseball and softball.

The websites had been undergoing server maintenance overnight before the weather issues complicated things.

As for this website, the SVSJ is hosted by, and we thank them for that by the way, and our site was never down as a result of the storms.

While we are on the subject of the hurricane, we should mention that several ex-Mount Si athletes who are playing collegiately on the East Coast were impacted by the storm, so hopefully they are safe and sound at this hour. And we hope the same for anyone who you may know who lives back in that part of the country, whether it be a family member or friend, as we are sure a lot of you know people back in that region. We have seen some of the images on TV from there, and it is quite bad without question. Our thoughts with all the people back there in the Northeast.

Rhett Workman

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