The Snoqualmie Valley Sports Journal’s weekly volleyball report for January 29

Good Wednesday morning. We have some hoops and some wrestling for you coming up this morning, but we first have for you your weekly club volleyball report here in the Snoqualmie Valley Sports Journal, as we continue to provide you coverage of how Valley high and middle school girls’ players and their club teams in USA Volleyball’s Puget Sound Region are faring.

This past weekend saw the first weekend of local Power League play, and it brought with it tremendous news for Mount Si High School fans.

Pair of U16 teams with top Wildcat players advance to top regional competition
This past Saturday proved to be a great weekend for both the Bellevue-based Sudden Impact Thunder and Kent-based Kent Juniors’ 16’s clubs. The squads, featuring Mount Si players Bailey Showalter (SI), Katrice Dunn and Kira Holmberg (KJ) both held their top seeding positions in the U16 age group with 3-1 records on the day and earned slots into the Platinum Division tournament which is set to be held in early February. As we mentioned last week, the Platinum competition features the top four Puget Sound teams up against the top four-ranked teams from the Oregon-centric Columbia Empire division and that event is held down in southwest Washington.

KJ and SI are both 6-1 on the season after their excellent showings this past weekend, with Impact seeded second and Kent third overall in the age group in the region.

Mount Si players in past years have seen opportunities to play in this high-level competition, so it is hoped that the trio of Wildcats will be able to learn a lot competing in this event. If the teams do well in the tournament, they will continue to play in that event moving forward, otherwise they’ll be back to strictly local play for future Power League events.

Elsewehere this past weekend
For the most part, the weekend proved not to go too well for most of the teams with local players. However, there were some highlights.

In the U15 classification, Sudden Impact’s Lightning, with Wildcat Friley Curtiss, went 3-1 and also is 6-1 overall. They currently sit ranked third in the region in the age group. The U15’s do not have a Platinum competition unfortunately so they will remain in local play for the next set of games in early February. But it’s still a good showing right now for the Lightning as Curtiss and crew continue to play at a high level to start the season.

Bellevue-based Northwest Juniors’ U15 Baden Grey, with a trio of Mount Si’ers including Emma Smith, Marisol Gutierrez and Payton Beebe, had a good Sunday, going 3-1 for their first wins of the season. They sit ranked 50th in the age group after the excellent showing, so it’s certainly hoped that things are looking up for that team. Their sister team in the age group, the UnderArmour Blue, which has several other Wildcat athletes on the squad including Brooke Daly and Robin Hakala, remains seeded high – 12th – despite another tough day on Sunday, with only one win. The team is 2-6 currently in local play so they’ll look to bounce back in the next round of Power League.

And in U14, Northwest’s UnderArmour Blue, with a pair of local middle-schoolers – Twin Falls’ Maggie Kamp and Chief Kanim’s Sophia Lobet – struggled on Sunday, going 1-3 with losses to a Sudden Impact team and two others from Pierce County. They’re still doing solid, at 4-4 in local play and are ranked seventh out of the weekend. KJ’s U14 crew, with Mount Si head coach Bonnie Foote’s daughter Isabelle on the roster, also struggled, with just one win on Sunday, so the mantra will obviously be looking to improve every day, every play as they look to get back on track. They sit ranked 16th in the age group and are 3-4 overall in local play.

As for Cedarcrest representation, Carnation-based Valley View, which has most of the Red Wolve players competing this spring representing the lower Valley club, had a somewhat challenging weekend, with their four teams from U13-16 combining to go 5-11 on the weekend. All are ranked well back in their age groups.

On deck
This weekend, everyone is off as they get set for the next round of Power League play the weekend of February 8-9. The Platinum play for the two U16 teams we mentioned that will be in that event is also slated to be that weekend, but the date has yet to be announced for those games. We’ll preview that action hopefully for you next week in our weekly segment.

This has been your weekly look at local girls’ club volleyball within USA Volleyball’s Puget Sound Region and the Valley players and teams in it in the Snoqualmie Valley Sports Journal.

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