Mount Si boys’ wrestling advances strong delegation – led by three Kingco weight class winners – to regionals

Good Tuesday morning. We’ll have basketball and gymnastics on deck this morning, but we have some wrestling for you. We had all of the rest of it for you on Sunday but did not get to Mount Si High School’s boys. Well, we have that for you now, with the Wildcats having fared well at the Kingco 4A Tournament this past weekend at Juanita High School.

Three Mount Si athletes – Mark Marum (106 lbs.), Tryon Kaess (113) and Jaeden Durham (160) won league titles with two others – Carter Knowles (152) and Luke Harper (170) – finishing as runners up and also advancing to regionals. Rounding out the regional qualifiers was Braedon Haynie (132, third) and we think Brody Belaire (138, fourth) as well.

Full results after the break. Regionals are this weekend.

Mount Si Boys’ Wrestling @ 4A Kingco Tournament, this past Fri. and Sat., Juanita HS, Kirkland
Results from

106-Mark Marum
Round 1 – Mark Marum (Mt. Si) def. Rayyan Karim (Woodinville), pin, :26
Quarterfinal – Mark Marum (Mt. Si) def. Kana Zhao (Skyline), pin, 3:02
Semifinal – Mark Marum (Mt. Si) def. Dain Miller (Eastlake), pin, 3:51
Championship – Mark Marum (Mt. Si) def. Cal Wellner (Redmond), major decision, 21-8
Marum 4-0, wins Kingco title, adv to regionals

113-Tryon Kaess/Sammy Newell
Round 1 – Tryon Kaess (Mt. Si) def. Justin Kim (Skyline), pin, 2:32
Round 1 – Sammy Newell (Mt. Si) with bye
Quarterfinal – Tryon Kaess (Mt. Si) def. Hunter Williams (North Creek), pin, 3:26
Quarterfinal – Nicholas Hunter (Issaquah) 20-11 def. Sammy Newell (Mt. Si), decision, 8-3
Semifinal – Tryon Kaess (Mt. Si) def. Nicholas Hunter (Issaquah), pin, 3:35
L/O1 – Sammy Newell (Mt. Si) def. Quin Seiffert (Issaquah), pin, 4:05
L/O2 – Sammy Newell (Mt. Si) def. Hunter Williams (North Creek), pin, 3:40
L/O3- Enoch Kwong (Newport (Bellevue)) def. Sammy Newell (Mt. Si), pin, 1:53
Championshp – Tryon Kaess (Mt. Si) def. Andrew Seely (North Creek), tech fall, 16-1
5th Place Match – Matt Roberts (Newport (Bellevue)) def. Sammy Newell (Mt. Si), decision, 9-6
Kaess 4-0, wins Kingco title, adv to regionals
Newell 2-3, 5th, ?

120-Jacob Fenn
Round 1 – Bye
Quarterfinal – Maximilian Huff (Skyline) def. Jacob Fenn (Mt. Si), pin, :30
L/O1 – Jacob Fenn (Mt. Si) def. Trent Thain (Newport (Bellevue)), pin, 1:40
L/O2 – Coren Hokama (Newport (Bellevue)) def. Jacob Fenn (Mt. Si), tech fall, 17-2
Fenn 1-2, eliminated from competition

126-Reese Hammond/River Stinson
Round 1 – Raif Miller (Eastlake) def. Reese Hammond (Mt. Si), major decision, 20-10
Round 1 – Diego Canedo Gamez (Skyline) def. River Stinson (Mt. Si), major decision, 15-5
L/O1 – River Stinson (Mt. Si) def. Ryan Patterson (Eastlake), pin, 3:37
L/O1 – Reese Hammond (Mt. Si) def. Asher Anderson (North Creek), pin, 3:23
L/O2 – Diego Canedo Gamez (Skyline) def. Reese Hammond (Mt. Si), decision, 12-8
L/O2 – Pedro Cerda (Inglemoor) def. River Stinson (Mt. Si), pin, :29
Hammond and Stinson both 1-2 and eliminated from competition

132-Austin Tiernan/Braedon Haynie
Round 1 – Ryan Lau (Newport (Bellevue)) def. Austin Tiernan (Mt. Si), major decision, 13-2
Round 1 – Braedon Haynie (Mt. Si) def. Nicholas Santos (Issaquah), pin, 1:32
Quarterfinal – Braedon Haynie (Mt. Si) def. Aryan Partabian (Redmond), pin, 1:22
Semifinal – Nhi-Lac Thai (Newport (Bellevue)) def. Braedon Haynie (Mt. Si), pin, 4:56
L/O1 – Braedon Haynie (Mt. Si) def. Levi Joyce (Eastlake), pin, :49
L/O1 – Noah Griffaton (Bothell) def. Austin Tiernan (Mt. Si), pin, 1:46
3rd Place Match – Braedon Haynie (Mt. Si) def. Miles Pruit (North Creek), major decision, 11-3
Tiernan 0-2, eliminated from competition
Haynie 4-1, 3rd, adv to regionals

138-Brody Belaire/Max Crowder
Round 1 – Brody Belaire (Mt. Si) def. Thomas Lu (Newport (Bellevue)), pin, 3:03
Round 1 – Fahad Ahmed (Newport (Bellevue)) def. Max Crowder (Mt. Si), major decision, 12-0
Quarterfinal – Brody Belaire (Mt. Si) def. Sam Thurman (Inglemoor), pin, :28
Semifinal – Ethan Henderson (Eastlake) def. Brody Belaire (Mt. Si), decision, 12-5
L/O1 – Brody Belaire (Mt. Si) def. Thomas Brown (Issaquah), pin, 1:31
L/O1 – Max Crowder (Mt. Si) def. Aiden Funk (Woodinville), pin, :46
L/O2 – Max Crowder (Mt. Si) def. Sam Thurman (Inglemoor), decision, 5-4
L/O3 – Sean Allenshipman (Redmond) 12-12 def. Max Crowder (Mt. Si), pin, 2:12
3rd Place Match – Simon Breecher (Eastlake) def. Brody Belaire (Mt. Si), decision, 11-4
Crowder 2-2, eliminated from competition
Belaire 4-1, 4th, ?

145-Emmet Crowder/William McCandless
Round 1 – Kyle Huard (Issaquah) def. Emmet Crowder (Mt. Si), pin, 1:07
Round 1 – Kade Haselman (Eastlake) def. William McCandless (Mt. Si), pin, 2:53
L/O1 – Emmet Crowder (Mt. Si) def. Ian Simmons (Eastlake), pin, 1:28
L/O1- Sinue Geniz-Hernandez (Inglemoor) def. William McCandless (Mt. Si), pin, 2:33
L/O2 – Kai Ozeki (Newport (Bellevue)) def. Emmet Crowder (Mt. Si), decision, 6-4
Crowder 1-2, eliminated from competition
McCandless 0-2, eliminated from competition

152-John Wood/Connor Knowles
Round 1 – Jacob Inton (Skyline) def. John Wood (Mt. Si), pin, 1:58
Round 1 – Connor Knowles (Mt. Si) def. Ryan Yen (Newport (Bellevue)), tech fall, 15-0
Quarterfinal – Connor Knowles (Mt. Si) def. Thad Holetz (Redmond), major decision, 16-3
Semifinal – Connor Knowles (Mt. Si) def. Isaac Morse (Eastlake), decision, 8-4
L/O1 – Jack Murphy (Inglemoor) def. John Wood (Mt. Si), pin, :54
Championship – Jacob Inton (Skyline) def. Connor Knowles (Mt. Si), decision, 9-3
Wood 0-2, eliminated from competition
Knowles 3-1, 2nd, adv to regionals

160-Jaeden Durham
Round 1 – Jaeden Durham (Mt. Si) def. Ian Way (Redmond), pin, 2:00
Quarterfinal – Jaeden Durham (Mt. Si) def. Darius Duciuc (North Creek), tech fall, 21-6
Semifinal – Jaeden Durham (Mt. Si) def. Matthew Brookshier (Eastlake), OT, 6-4
Championship – Jaeden Durham (Mt. Si) def. Victor Marcenac (Issaquah), decision, 7-1
Durham 4-0, wins Kingco title, adv to regionals

170-Gabriel Hernandez/Luke Harper
Round 1 – Gabriel Hernandez (Mt. Si) def. Braeden Nicholson (North Creek), pin, 4:55
Round 1 – Luke Harper (Mt. Si) def. Kevin Rodriguez (North Creek), pin, 1:35
Quarterfinal – Carson Lui (Redmond) def. Gabriel Hernandez (Mt. Si), pin, :27
Quarterfinal – Luke Harper (Mt. Si) def. Kai Baker (Eastlake), pin, 2:59
L/O1- Gabriel Hernandez (Mt. Si) def. Kevin Rodriguez (North Creek), pin, 4:41
L/O2 – Robert Northwick (Woodinville) def. Gabriel Hernandez (Mt. Si), pin, 1:00
Semifinal – Luke Harper (Mt. Si) def. Brady Malone (Issaquah), pin, 5:27
Championship – Carson Lui (Redmond) def. Luke Harper (Mt. Si), pin, 5:53
Hernandez 2-2, eliminated from competition
Harper 3-1, 2nd, adv to regionals

182-Michael Conley
Round 1 – Bye
Quarterfinal – Nicholas Mitchell (North Creek) def. Michael Conley (Mt. Si), pin, 1:00
L/O1- Bye
L/O2- Tyler Brown (Eastlake) def. Michael Conley (Mt. Si), pin, 1:46
Conley 0-2, eliminated from competition

195, 220, 285-Mount Si had no entrants in any of those weight classes

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