From your editor, regarding our coverage of Mount Si and Cedarcrest High School spring sports and coronavirus’ impact on that…….

Now that our winter sports coverage has come to an end with Mount Si High School’s state title in boys’ basketball, spring sports should now be our focus. But it is that that we have some things to discuss with you this morning about our spring sports coverage here in the Journal.

As you all are well aware by now, we should this week be bringing you team previews for spring sports teams at both Mount Si and Cedarcrest High Schools. However, there has been minimal response from coaches in sending back questionnaires about their teams from both schools. We plan on reminding coaches at some point in the next couple of days about that and hope to have some previews for you later this week.

That said, as you also are well aware of by now, both the Snoqualmie Valley and Riverview School Districts, along with most if not all of their partner districts in both the Kingco and Wesco Conferences, have suspended spring sports games for a period of time in an effort to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 illness, known of course as “novel coronavirus”. Riverview has suspended games through March 20, and Snoqualmie Valley and other districts have suspended theirs indefinitely pending further guidance from Seattle/King County Public Health. Edmonds, a Wesco rival district of Cedarcrest’s, announced late Friday they were canceling events out through April 12.

This has impacted our coverage plans, needless to say, for our spring sports coverage, so we at this point are unsure about how we will proceed moving forward.

We hope to be able to provide MSHS and CHS spring sports coverage this year, however, it should also be noted that a lot of the decision-making we are seeing right now from local school districts, political leadership and health officials is being done with no guarantee the situation with the spread of this very challenging, and deadly, bug, will be improved by the time they attempt to restart normal school functions. As you know, Northshore schools have opted to go to a “distance” learning model for at least the next two weeks, and sports events in that district, too, are being impacted to some degree.

If events are attempted to be rescheduled – and that is a big if as if the situation does not improve, schools could opt to extend season cancellations – they’ll have a more limited window to reschedule those events in, and that doesn’t even account for rain and other factors which could limit the ability of games to be rescheduled later in the season.

It is those potential challenges in the schedule, combined with the inequities in schedules that are resulting now from some districts being able to continue with others suspended, that caused us last Friday following the Edmonds announcement to put a poll up on our Twitter feed asking whether you felt the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association should, in light of the decisions by school districts to suspend spring sports games, announce a full cancellation of the season statewide in an effort to head off a lot of these potential challenges and allow for schools and districts to focus on their efforts to keep students and staff safe from this illness. We invite you to go over to our Twitter @snovalleysports and vote on that today.

A couple of hundred people have already voted and a large majority of you, over 90%, don’t believe that the full season should be canceled. But, based on where we think this may be going in terms of the overall school, public health, and government response, we feel that it would be in the best interests of the WIAA and high school athletes statewide that the association this week announce at minimum a full suspension of games statewide until further notice with guidance from state and local health authorities.

If you have any thoughts on what the association should do, post a comment or email us at In the meantime, we’ll do our best to provide you quality coverage of Mount Si and Cedarcrest High School spring sports.

Rhett Workman

About Rhett Workman

Rhett Workman is the editor of the Snoqualmie Valley Sports Journal. Workman is a veteran sports journalist, having covered Snoqualmie Valley sports for nearly a decade with the Snoqualmie Valley Record newspaper before starting up the SVSJ. Workman's coverage has earned the support and respect of Valley coaches, players, parents and fans, and the SVSJ continues the standard of coverage that Workman brought to the Valley Record.
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