A note from your editor about our coverage here at the SVSJ

Now time to discuss our coverage here in the Journal.

First, we want to take the time to thank all of you for your loyal support for these past nearly 10 years of coverage of local sports here, and your editor’s nearly 20 years total including his time with the Valley Record prior to starting this thing up. But, just like the rest of you, the cancellations of high school and college sports, along with virtually everything else from professional sports, late last week as the threat from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) illness grows, has ground us who do this for a living to a halt. But, we want to share with you some words of wisdom of a fellow member of our local sports media, KING 5’s Chris Egan. This is from this past Saturday night’s 5:00 news broadcast.

Many of you know the tireless support Chris has given to local high school sports over these many years, and the numerous visits he’s made to Wildcat sports events. The man is an institution now, and we echo those sentiments greatly. We would add too that when we all are able to get back to the daily grind of sporting activity, may there be an opportunity for our Mount Si baseball seniors to get their just rewards for busting their asses off these last three years, bouncing from practice field to practice field, playing late nights at Bannerwood Park sometimes not getting home until midnight or later and having to bounce all that with academic, job, family and other responsibilities.

May there be an opportunity for this Wildcat boys’ basketball team to be given the rightful community celebration that their recent championship accomplishment deserves. A parade through the streets of Snoqualmie and North Bend followed by a party this Valley hasn’t seen since the invention of sliced bread. May there be an opportunity for our Little League programs to help create future generations of Mount Si and Cedarcrest High School baseball and softball players. May there be an opportunity for our community and Si View Metro Parks to become a destination for major high school cross country events in the fall with the new park facility at the old Cascade Golf Course in North Bend.

May there be an opportunity for Mount Si and Cedarcrest High School’s girls’ basketball teams to chase that same championship glory the Wildcat boys just accomplished, and may there be an opportunity for the Red Wolve boys to also do the same. May there be an opportunity for young men such as Aaron Davenport, Isaac Mullins, Tanner Simpson and Cody Banks, all college baseball players from our community, to chase their baseball dreams at the pro level. And may there also be an opportunity for the Valley’s pro baseball player, Trevor Lane, to take the field in pinstripes, in hallowed Yankee Stadium in New York with ‘Dem ‘Bums.

May there also be an opportunity for volleyball players from both Mount Si and Cedarcrest to achieve their dreams, same for the ladies of softball and girls’ soccer. May there be an opportunity for Mount Si and Cedarcrest boys’ soccer to acheive glory, may there be an opportunity for track and field, golf, lacrosse, swimming, and everything else these schools and communities compete in, for athletes in those sports, young and old, to also achieve their dreams. May there also be an opportunity for those young people at both schools not involved in sports but involved in such things as music, the arts, debate, etc., to be able to realize their dreams.

But in the meantime, as we all wait and wonder when this will pass, know this: We as a community, like every other in this country, every other in this world, are dealing with this virus head on. Yours truly, like a lot of you, initially wondered why so many people were panicking, buying up all the rolls of toilet paper, staying home out of fear, and wished people would calm down and go about their daily lives. And to a degree, we wish that would still be the case now. But that ship, sadly, has sailed. This virus must be confronted, and while again, as we discussed last week, our political, health and education leadership are engaging in decision-making that some may find extreme and alarmist, and frankly to us is with no guarantee that the situation will improve, the reality is is that they are making decisions based on the best science available, the best information available. So, we all have to just sit tight and wait. Wait for this to pass, and when it does, know that we, and all of you, will be back stronger than ever, ready to take on the daily challenges once again.

With that, we announce that until further notice, we are reducing our coverage here on the blog. We, however, will post things periodically if events warrant, and we will also be continuing daily coverage on our Twitter feed as well @snovalleysports. So if you want coverage, head over there and we will be there with that. Again, it has been a pleasure to work with all of you out on the beat, and we all hope to see you on the other side of this, whenever we reach that other side.

Rhett Workman

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Rhett Workman is the editor of the Snoqualmie Valley Sports Journal. Workman is a veteran sports journalist, having covered Snoqualmie Valley sports for nearly a decade with the Snoqualmie Valley Record newspaper before starting up the SVSJ. Workman's coverage has earned the support and respect of Valley coaches, players, parents and fans, and the SVSJ continues the standard of coverage that Workman brought to the Valley Record.
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