2019-20 Valley College Sports Matchups

The following fall season college sports matchups featuring Valley college athletes are tentatively scheduled for TV or Internet broadcast this coming season. Note that start times listed are tentative and will be made official at a later date. This schedule will be constantly updated as we receive more schedule information, so please check back for the latest listings. Also note that selected webstreams are pay-per-view, which means you will need to pay a fee to view the web broadcast. That information is noted in this listing with a $ next to the network ID in each game listing.


7-EWU vs. Lindenwood, 1:00, SWX/PlutoTV/WatchBigSky
Oregon vs. Nevada, 4:30, P12N
CWU @ Idaho, 6:00, PlutoTV/WatchBigSky
14-Oregon State vs. Cal Poly, 1:00, P12N
EWU @ Jacksonville State, 1:00, ESPN+
Oregon vs. Montana, 7:30, P12N
CWU vs. Ferris State, 5:00, GNACD
Western Oregon vs. TX A&M Commerce, 1:00, GNACD
21-EWU @ Idaho, 12n, ROOT
28-EWU vs. North Dakota, 2:00, SWX/PlutoTV/WatchBigSky
CWU vs. Western Oregon, 6:00, GNACD
Dartmouth vs. Colgate, 3:00, ESPN+

4-Dartmouth @ Penn, 4:00, ESPNU
5-EWU @ Sacramento State, 6:00, Eleven Sports/PlutoTV/WatchBigSky
Western Oregon vs. Simon Fraser, 1:00, GNACD
12-EWU vs. Northern Colorado, 1:00, ROOT
CWU vs. Azusa Pacific, 6:00, GNACD
Dartmouth vs. Yale, 1:30, ESPN+
19-Western Oregon vs. CWU, 1:00, GNACD
25-Dartmouth @ Columbia, 3:00, ESPNU
26-EWU @ Montana, 11am, ROOT
Western Oregon vs. Midwestern State, 1:00, GNACD
CWU vs. Simon Fraser, 6:00, GNACD

2-EWU vs Northern Arizona, 1:00, SWX
Dartmouth @ Harvard, 10am, ESPN+
8-Oregon State vs. Washington, 7:30, FS1
9-EWU @ Idaho State, 1:30, PlutoTV/WatchBigSky
CWU vs. SW Baptist, 12n, GNACD
Western Oregon vs. Azusa Pacific, 1:00, GNACD
Dartmouth vs. Princeton @ Yankee Stadium, TBA, ESPN network TBA
16-EWU @ Cal Poly, 5:00, PlutoTV/WatchBigSky
Dartmouth vs. Cornell, 10:30am, ESPN+
Western Oregon vs. Eastern New Mexico, 1:00
23-EWU vs. Portland State, 1:00, SWX/PlutoTV/WatchBigSky (C. Schlicting Senior Day-EWU)
Dartmouth @ Brown, 9:30am, ESPN+

ESPNU-Available on Comcast, DirecTV and Dish locally
ESPN+-ESPN web stream service, subscription-based
Eleven Sports-Available in Valley on DirecTV
PlutoTV/WatchBigSky-Link at right in our news links
GNACD-GNAC.TV, available in news links at right and also on AppleTV, AmazonFire and Roku
P12N-Pac-12 Network National, available on Comcast, DirecTV and Dish locally
FS1-Fox Sports 1, available on Comcast, DirecTV and Dish locally
SWX-Available only in eastern Washington

EWU (Eastern Washington): Chris Schlicting, Sr., North Bend/MSHS
CWU (Central Washington): JoJo Hillel, Sr., North Bend/MSHS
Oregon State: Jesiah Irish, So., North Bend/MSHS
Oregon: Cale Millen, Fr., Snoqualmie/MSHS
Dartmouth: Jonny Barrett, Fr., Snoqualmie/MSHS
Western Oregon: David Sotelo, So., and Slater Macko, Fr., both Snoqualmie/MSHS
Simon Fraser: Tank Brewster, North Bend/MSHS


6-Concordia-CA vs. Southern Nazarene, 8:30am, PWD$
Concordia-CA vs. SPU, 6:00, PWD$
7-Whitman vs. LCSC, 1:00, NWCD
Whitman vs. Whitworth, 5:00, NWCD
Concordia-CA vs. SF State, 11am, PWD$
Concordia-CA vs. Cal State East Bay, 6:00, PWD$
13-Northwest vs. Corban, 7:00, CCCD$
Concordia-CA @ UC San Diego, 7:30, ESPN+
14-Northwest vs. NW Christian, 5:00, CCCD$
18-Concordia-CA vs. Point Loma, 6:30, PWD
20-Northwest @ College of Idaho, 6:00, CCCD$
21-Concordia-CA @ Holy Names-CA, 4:00, PWD$
26-Northwest vs. Walla Walla, 7:00, CCCD$
28-Whitman vs. Pacific-OR, 5:00, NWCD
Northwest @ Evergreen, 5:00, CCCD$
Santa Clara @ Pepperdine, 12n, WCC Network
Concordia-CA @ Biola, 7:00, PWD

4-Whitman @ Linfield, 7:00, NWCD
Northwest vs. Oregon Tech, 7:00, CCCD$
5-Northwest vs. Southern Oregon, 7:00, CCCD$
10-Concordia-CA @ Hawaii-Hilo, 10:00, PWD$
11-Whitman vs. LCC, 7:00, NWCD
Northwest vs. Multnomah, 7:00, CCCD$
12-Northwest vs. Warner Pacific, 7:00, CCCD$
13-Concordia-CA @ Chaminade, 6:00, PWD$
18-Northwest @ NW Christian, 7:00, CCCD$
19-Whitman vs. George Fox, 5:00, NWCD
Northwest @ Corban, 7:00, CCCD$
23-Whitman vs. Whitworth, 6:00, NWCD
25-Northwest vs. Eastern Oregon, 7:00, CCCD$
Concordia-CA @ Dominican-CA, 7:00, PWD$
26-Northwest vs. College of Idaho, 5:00, CCCD$

1-Whitman vs. Linfield, 7:00, NWCD
2-Northwest vs. Evergreen, 7:00, CCCD
6-Concordia-CA @ Point Loma, 7:00, PWD$
8-Northwest @ Southern Oregon, 7:00, CCCD
9-Whitman @ George Fox, 6:00, NWCD
21-Santa Clara vs. Pepperdine, 7:00, WCC Network

CCCD – CCC Digital (Broadcasts are pay-per-view. Available on all major streaming players – AppleTV, Roku, AmazonFire, Google Chromecast, etc.)
PWD – PacWest Digital (Broadcasts are pay-per-view. Available on all major streaming players – Roku, AppleTV, AmazonFire, Google Chromecast, etc.)
NWCD – NWC Digital (Free broadcasts. Available on all major streaming players – Roku, AmazonFire, AppleTV, Google Chromecast, etc.)
WCC Network – Available on Stadium and various apps (Stirr, PlutoTV, etc.)
ESPN+- ESPN’s webstream service, paid subscription required

Whitman-Emma Anderson, So., North Bend/MSHS
Northwest-Courteney Carr, Jr., Snoqualmie/MSHS
Santa Clara-Anna McCreadie, Sr., North Bend/MSHS
Concordia (CA)-Patience O’Neal, So., Maple Valley/Tahoma HS (Former MSHS player)


6-Clemson vs. Greensboro, 4:30, ACCN Extra
9-Clemson vs. SC-Upstate, 4:00, ACCN Extra
17-Clemnson vs. Fordham, 4:00, ACC Network
20-Clemson vs. Duke, 4:30, ACCN Extra
29-Pacific Lutheran @ Whitman, 2:30, NWCD

5-Clemson vs. VA Tech, 4:00, ACCN Extra
11-Clemson vs. Louisville, 4:00, ACCN Extra
17-SPU @ Concordia-PDX, 7:00, GNACD
19-Pacific Lutheran @ Willamette, 2:30, NWCD
20-Pacific Lutheran @ Linfield, 2:30, NWCD
22-Clemson vs. Radford, 4:00, ACCN Extra
25-Clemson vs. Boston College, 4:00, ACCN Extra
31-SPU @ WWU, 7:00, GNACD

3-Pacific Lutheran @ George Fox, 2:30, NWCD
9-Santa Clara @ Gonzaga, 7:00, WCC Network
16-SPU @ NW Nazarene, 3:00, GNACD

GNACD-GNAC Digital (Link at right in news links and available on Roku, AppleTV, AmazonFire)
ACC Network-ACC Network TV, local availability of service TBD
ACCN Extra-May be available through ESPN+ web service for a fee
WCC Network-Stadium and various apps
NWCD-NWC Digital (Link at right in news links, available on Roku, AmazonFire and AppleTV)

Clemson-Enrique Montana, Fr., Duvall/CHS
SPU (Seattle Pacific)-Alden Massey, So., and Nik Reierson, Jr., both Duvall/CHS
Santa Clara-Connor McCabe, Fr., Duvall/CHS
Pacific Lutheran-Jared Davies, Fr., Snoqualmie/MSHS


7-LTech vs. IU-Kokomo, 2:30, LTSN
Linfield vs. Corban, 7:00, NWCD
8-Texas vs. TX A&M Corpus Christi, 3:00, LHN
Chapman vs. Willamette, 11am, SCIACD
12-WWU vs. Sonoma, 7:00, GNACD
Hawaii Pacific vs. Dallas Baptist, 10:00, PWD$
13-Texas vs. Washington, 5:00, LHN
14-Northwest vs. Linfield, 1:00, CCCD$
Chapman @ Whittier, 11am, NWCD
15-Texas vs. Monmouth, 11am, LHN
16-Hawaii Pacific @ CWU, 7:00, GNACD
18-LTech vs. Spring Arbor, 4:30, LTSN
Linfield vs. Pacific-OR, 7:00, NWCD
Chapman @ CalTech, 4:00, SCIACD
19-Texas vs. Providence, 5:00, LHN
WWU vs. TX Woman’s, 7:00, GNACD
20-MN-Crookston @ MN-Duluth, 3:00, NSD
21-Linfield @ Willamette, 12n, NWCD
Chapman vs. Pomona-Pitzer, 4:00, SCIACD
22-Texas vs. Grambling, 5:00, LHN
MN-Crookston @ St. Cloud State, 11am, NSD
25-LTech vs. Rochester-MI, 4:30, LTSN
Chapman vs. Cal Lutheran, 4:00, NWCD
26-Texas @ Kansas, 5:00, FS1
27-Northwst vs. Rocky Mountain, 1:00, CCCD$
28-Linfield vs. Puget Sound, 12n, NWCD
29-Linfield vs. LCC, 12n, NWCD

2-Chapman vs. Whittier, 4:00, SCIACD
3-Texas vs. TCU, 5:00, LHN
WWU vs. Central Washington, 7:00, GNACD
4-Northwest vs. Corban, 2:30, CCCD
5-LTech vs. Concordia-MI, 4:30, LTSN
WWU vs. MSU Billings, 1:00, GNACD
Northwest vs. NW Christian, 2:30, CCCD$
PLU @ George Fox, 12n, NWCD
Linfield vs. Whitman, 12n, NWCD
6-Texas vs. West Virginia, 11am, LHN
Linfield vs. Whitworth, 12n, NWCD
MN-Crookston @ Sioux Falls, 10:30am, NSD
9-LTech vs. Aquinas, 4:30, LTSN
11-Texas vs. Oklahoma State, 5:00, LHN
13-Linfield vs. George Fox, 12n, NWCD
15-WWU vs. Simon Fraser, 7:00, GNACD
16-Chapman vs. LaVerne, 4:00, SCIACD
18-MN-Crookston @ Minnesota State, 11am, NSD
19-LTech vs. Indiana Tech, 4:30, LTSN
Northwest @ Evergreen, 1:00, CCCD$
Linfield vs. Willamette, 12n, NWCD
Chapman vs. CalTech, 11am, NWCD
20-PLU @ Whitman, 12n, NWCD
24-Texas vs. Iowa State, 5:00, LHN
WWU vs. SPU, 7:00, GNACD
26-WWU @ CWU, 2:00, GNACD
Northwest @ College of Idaho, 1:30, CCCD$
27-Texas vs. Texas Tech, 11am, LHN
30-LTech vs. Cornerstone, 4:30, LTSN
31-WWU @ Concordia-PDX, 7:00, GNACD

1-Northwest vs. Oregon Tech, 12n, CCCD$
MN-Crookston @ Northern State, 1:00, NSD
2-WWU vs. NW Nazarene, 7:00, GNACD (Karli W. Senior Night-WWU)
Northwest vs. Southern Oregon, 12n, CCCD$
9-Linfield vs. PLU, 12n, NWCD (Sydney K. Senior Day-LIN)
10-Linfield @ George Fox, 11am

$-Pay per view
LTSN-Lawrence Tech Sports Network (Link at right in our news links on home page)
LHN-Longhorn Network (Available on DirecTV or Dish)
P12N-Pac-12 Network (National feed, available locally on Comcast, DirecTV and Dish)
FS1-Fox Sports 1 (Available locally on Comcast, Dish, DirecTV)
GNACD-GNAC.TV (Link at right in news links and also available on Roku, AmazonFire, AppleTV)
CCCD-CCC Digital (Broadcasts are pay-per-view and link to them is at right in our news links)
NWCD-NWC Digital (Link at right in news links, available on Roku, AmazonFire, AppleTV)
NSD-Northern Sun Digital (Link at right in news links, available on Roku)
SCIACD-SCIAC Digital (Link at right in news links, available on Roku, AmazonFire, Apple TV)

LTech (Lawrence Tech, MI): Renee Anderson, So., Snoqualmie/MSHS
WWU (Western Washington): Karli White, 5Sr., North Bend/MSHS
Northwest: Maggie Gunning, So., Snoqualmie/MSHS and Sarah Hommas, Fr., Duvall/CHS
MN-Crookston: Brooke Benson, Fr., Carnation/CHS
Linfield: Sydney Kuehn, Sr., Duvall/CHS
PLU (Pacific Lutheran): Calie Rose, So., Snoqualmie/MSHS
Texas: Natalie Weidenbach, Jr., North Bend/MSHS
Hawaii Pacific: Camryn Buck, Sr., North Bend/MSHS
Linfield: Sydney Kuehn, Sr., Duvall/CHS
Chapman: Mia Fowler, So., North Bend/MSHS