Wildcat boys give it their all on the hardwood on a big stage….an NBA one down in the Rose City

Mount Si High School’s boys’ basketball team opened their season last night competing on a rather big stage – the home of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers.

And for the Wildcats, things seemed to go well but a slow start out of halftime ended up costing Mount Si in the end as they suffered their first loss of the season.

Churchill, of Eugene, outscored the Wildcats 16-7 to open the second half and handed Mount Si a 55-47 loss in a “Border Battle” game pitting top teams from Washington and Oregon at the Moda Center in Portland. The brothers Patterson – senior and Montana State-bound Tyler and sophomore Quin – each had 14 points to lead the Wildcats while Tyler’s senior classmate, St. Mary’s-CA bound Jabe Mullins, added 13.

Mount Si meets Redmond on Tuesday to open Kingco play at Redmond High School at 7:15, then hosts Union from southwest Washington Saturday night for their home opener at 6:00.

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Results from Saturday meets for Mount Si, Cedarcrest

All results as noted from TrackWrestling.com.

Mount Si @ Ed Arima Duals, Sumner
Wildcats finish seventh, 1-3 record
Results from TrackWrestling.com

Match #1 Round 1
WESTVIEW (Beaverton, OR) defeated MT SI 58-23
106 lbs.- Juan Elenes (WESTVIEW) over Waylen Belaire (MT SI) Fall 2:00
113 – Sammy Newell (MT SI) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
120 – Elias Mauck (WESTVIEW) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
126 – Tryon Kaess (MT SI) over Jonah Walker (WESTVIEW) TF 17-0
132 – Benton Grisso (MT SI) over Aaron Bosquez (WESTVIEW) Fall 1:29
138 – Elijah Rebollido (WESTVIEW) over Cullen Geahigan (MT SI) Fall 1:57
145 – Angel Sanchez (WESTVIEW) over Braedon Haynie (MT SI) Fall 3:24
152 – Travis Blasingame (WESTVIEW) over Brody Belaire (MT SI) Fall 1:18
160 – Connor Knowles (MT SI) over Benjamin Gisler (WESTVIEW) Fall 1:33
170 – Kevon Zakula (WESTVIEW) over Jaeden Durham (MT SI) Maj 10-2
182 – Charles Manthe (WESTVIEW) over Gabe Hernandez (MT SI) Fall 1:13
195 – Angel Cruz (WESTVIEW) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220 – Simon Niese (WESTVIEW) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Rylen Hermo (WESTVIEW) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #2 Round 2
SUMNER defeated MT SI 56-24
113 lbs. – Drake Thompson (SUMNER) over Sammy Newell (MT SI) TF 15-0
120 – Daniel McCarty (SUMNER) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
126 – Tryon Kaess (MT SI) over Hank Herrick (SUMNER) Fall 3:46
132 – Coltin Cleland (SUMNER) over Benton Grisso (MT SI) Fall 4:15
138 – Chase Davisson (SUMNER) over Cullen Geahigan (MT SI) Fall 0:43
145 – Braedon Haynie (MT SI) over Tyler Broyles (SUMNER) Fall 0:15
152 – Elijah Gandert (SUMNER) over Brody Belaire (MT SI) Fall 3:46
160 – Vincent Cenerazzo (SUMNER) over Jaeden Durham (MT SI) Dec 7-5
170 – Connor Knowles (MT SI) over Issaic Padilla (SUMNER) Fall 1:52
182 – Gabe Hernandez (MT SI) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
195 – Isaac Peters (SUMNER) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220 – Aidan Wigginton (SUMNER) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Matthew Hopkins (SUMNER) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
106 – Connor Chandler (SUMNER) over Waylen Belaire (MT SI) Fall 2:18

Match #3 Round 3
KENT MERIDIAN defeated MT SI 42-40
120 lbs. – Thang Mang (KENT MERIDIAN) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
126 – Tryon Kaess (MT SI) over Jasper Ayers (KENT MERIDIAN) Fall 1:04
132 – Timur Shakhzadayev (KENT MERIDIAN) over Benton Grisso (MT SI) Fall 3:16
138 – Cullen Geahigan (MT SI) over RJ Depano (KENT MERIDIAN) Fall 0:23
145 – Braedon Haynie (MT SI) over Naweji Mohamed (KENT MERIDIAN) Fall 0:37
152 – Brody Belaire (MT SI) over Yama Karimi (KENT MERIDIAN) Fall 0:33
160 – Connor Knowles (MT SI) over Armani Brooks (KENT MERIDIAN) Fall 4:56
170 – Jaeden Durham (MT SI) over Asad Nishanov (KENT MERIDIAN) Maj 10-1
182 – Isaiah Garcia (KENT MERIDIAN) over Gabe Hernandez (MT SI) Fall 0:39
195 – Isaiah Garcia (KENT MERIDIAN) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220 – Nicholas Livingstone (KENT MERIDIAN) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Ivan Aguilar-Boyzo (KENT MERIDIAN) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
106 – Attuallah Rasoli (KENT MERIDIAN) over Waylen Belaire (MT SI) Fall 0:21
113 – Sammy Newell (MT SI) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #4 7th Place Match
MT SI defeated CURTIS 32-27
126 lbs. – Tryon Kaess (MT SI) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
132 – Benton Grisso (MT SI) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
138 – Ethan Hand (CURTIS) over Cullen Geahigan (MT SI) Fall 1:06
145 – Braedon Haynie (MT SI) over Serghei Ungurean (CURTIS) Fall 0:55
152 – Terry Smith (CURTIS) over Brody Belaire (MT SI) Dec 6-0
160 – Jaeden Durham (MT SI) over Bryce Henrikson (CURTIS) Maj 11-1
170 – Connor Knowles (MT SI) over Mathew Janicki (CURTIS) Maj 12-3
182 – Johnathan Gressett (CURTIS) over Gabe Hernandez (MT SI) Fall 3:04
195 – Double Forfeit
220 – Jacob Kesling (CURTIS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Maliq Washington (CURTIS) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
106 – Double Forfeit
113 – Sammy Newell (MT SI) over Feliciano Montoya (CURTIS) Fall 1:33
120 – Double Forfeit

Cedarcrest HS @ White River Classic
Red Wolves results – team finished 11th, 52 points (Toppenish won team title)
Results from TrackWrestling.com

106 lbs.
Gabe Arroyo
Round 1 – Avery Romero (Puyallup High School) pinned Gabe Arroyo (Cedarcrest HS), 1:14
L/O1- Dominic Hicks-Avron (Centralia High School) won by decision over Gabe Arroyo (Cedarcrest HS), 7-5
Arroyo 0-2, did not place

Hayden Dill
Round 1 – Hayden Dill (Cedarcrest HS) won by decision over Bryce Bailey (Puyallup High School), 11-4
Quarterfinal – Anthony Denson (Sunnyside High School) pinned Hayden Dill (Cedarcrest HS), 3:03
L/O1 – Hayden Dill (Cedarcrest HS) pinned Veseth You (Fife High School), 3:25
L/O2 – Nico Crosnoe (Emerald Ridge HS) pinned Hayden Dill (Cedarcrest HS), 3:31
Dill 2-2, did not place

Evan Reid
Round 1 – Evan Reid (Cedarcrest HS) pinned James Fletcher (Mountlake Terrace), 1:24
Quarterfinal – Evan Reid (Cedarcrest HS) pinned Robert Gomez (North Kitsap), 4:25
Semifinal – Haiden Drury (Toppenish HS) won by major decision over Evan Reid (Cedarcrest HS), 12-0
L/O1 – Joseph Smurphat (Graham-Kapowsin High School) won by decision over Evan Reid (Cedarcrest HS), 13-8
Reid 2-2, 6th

Shawn Nykreim
Round 1 – Victor Blinkov (Fife High School) pinned Shawn Nykreim (Cedarcrest HS), :59
L/O1 – Jeb Broyles (Blaine HS) pinned Shawn Nykreim (Cedarcrest HS), :50
Nykreim 0-2, did not place

Dallas Carrier
Round 1 – Dallas Carrier (Cedarcrest HS) pinned Jesse Ortega (Sunnyside High School), 2:46
Quarterfinal – Isaac Dean (Grandview High School) pinned Dallas Carrier (Cedarcrest HS), 3:45
L/O1 – Samuel Sweet (Emerald Ridge HS) pinned Dallas Carrier (Cedarcrest HS), 1:18
Carrier 1-2, did not place

Matt Weinert
Round 1 – Matt Weinert (Cedarcrest HS) pinned Henry Buentello (Bremerton), 1:24
Quarterfinal – Matt Weinert (Cedarcrest HS) pinned Lorenzo Luchi (Enumclaw High School), 2:27
Semifinal – Matt Weinert (Cedarcrest HS) won by major decision over Nouh Hammou (North Kitsap), 10-2
Championship – Kaden Martin (Emerald Ridge HS) won by decision over Matt Weinert (Cedarcrest HS), 8-6
Weinert 3-1, 2nd

Mac Miles
Round 1 – Jay Selander (White River) pinned Mac Miles (Cedarcrest HS), 5:40
L/O 1 – Chris Jennings (Graham-Kapowsin HS) pinned Mac Miles (Cedarcrest HS), 4:29
Miles 0-2, did not place

Rylan McPhee
Round 1 – Rylan McPhee (Cedarcrest HS) won by decision over Samuel Husarik (Emerald Ridge HS), 6-3
Quarterfinal – Rylan McPhee (Cedarcrest HS) pinned Zeke Luchi (Enumclaw High School), 1:06
Semifinal – Jaden Siller (Sunnyside High School) pinned Rylan McPhee (Cedarcrest HS), :22
L/O1 – Samuel Husarik (Emerald Ridge HS) pinned Rylan McPhee (Cedarcrest HS), 2:13
McPhee 2-2, 6th

Cedarcrest JV @ White River
CHS results, team finished 10th, 6 pts.
Results from TrackWrestling.com

Justin Link
Quarterfinal – Bye
Semifinal – Ira Dagsaan (Olympic High School-JV) pinned Justin Link (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 3:01
L/O1 – Bye
3rd Place Match – Makayla Beaudoin (North Kitsap – JV) pinned Justin Link (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 2:56
Link 0-2, 4th

Jarod Linerud
Quarterfinal – Tyson Russell (Enumclaw High School-JV) pinned Jarod Linerud (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 4:38
Cons. Round 1 – Jarod Linerud (Cedarcrest HS-JV) won by decision over Hope Ambachew (Mountlake Terrace-JV), 6-0
L/O1 – Jarod Linerud (Cedarcrest HS-JV) won by decision over Sergey Barrios (Centralia High School-JV), 4-3
3rd Place Match – Mason Holmes (North Kitsap – JV) pinned Jarod Linerud (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 5:02
Linerud 2-2, 4th

Francisco Contreras
Round 1 – Bye
Quarterfinal – Brennan Galloway (Bremerton-JV) pinned Francisco Contreras (Cedarcrest HS-JV), :58
Cons. Round 2 – Tyler Ramirez (Enumclaw High School-JV) pinned Francisco Contreras (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 2:47
Contreras 0-2, did not place

138 “A”
Christian Tomayo
Quarterfinal – Tristan Hyde (Fife High School-JV) won by decision over Christian Tomayo (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 9-7
Cons. Round 1 – Christian Tomayo (Cedarcrest HS-JV) pinned Aicha Lahmoudi (Mountlake Terrace-JV), 4:03
Cons. Semi – Charles Orford (Enumclaw High School-JV) pinned Christian Tomayo (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 4:55
Tomayo 1-2, did not place

138 “B”
Cody Bucklin
Quarterfinal – Cody Bucklin (Cedarcrest HS-JV) pinned Lahmoudi, 1:15
Semifinal – Cody Bucklin (Cedarcrest HS-JV) 2-1 pinned Hyde, 2:54
1st Place Match – Elise Scrafford (North Kitsap – JV) pinned Cody Bucklin (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 1:54
Bucklin 2-1, 2nd

145 “A”
Josh Romero
Round 1 – Josh Romero (Cedarcrest HS-JV) pinned Jude Santos (Puyallup High School-JV), 5:21
Quarterfinal – Nathaniel Herrick (Puyallup High School-JV) pinned Josh Romero (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 1:17
L/O1 – Colby Furniss (Bremerton-JV) pinned Josh Romero (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 1:16
Romero 1-2, did not place

145 “B”
Tyler Scott
Round 1 – Herrick pinned Tyler Scott (Cedarcrest HS-JV), :54
L/O1 – Tyler Scott (Cedarcrest HS-JV) pinned Santos, 4:26
L/O2 – Jacob Arevalo (Mountlake Terrace-JV) pinned Tyler Scott (Cedarcrest HS-JV), :49
Scott 1-2, did not place

Peyton Wyman
Round 1-Bye
Quarterfinal – Spencer Dalry (Blaine HS-JV) pinned Peyton Wyman (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 1:35
Cons. Round 3 – Gavin Martinez (Puyallup High School-JV) pinned Peyton Wyman (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 2:37
Wyman 0-2, did not place

Wayne Wright
Round 1-Bye
Quarterfinal – Wayne Wright (Cedarcrest HS-JV) pinned Andrew Baca (Olympic High School-JV), 3:37
Semifinal – Alex Roth (Enumclaw High School-JV) pinned Wayne Wright (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 5:44
L/O1 – Wayne Wright (Cedarcrest HS-JV) pinned Carlos Solis (South Albany (OR) HS-JV), 2:18
Wright 2-1, 4th

Anthony Weiker, Andrew Weiker and James Wilkes
Round 1 – Anthony Weiker had bye
Round 1 – Kailer Fisher (Puyallup High School-JV) pinned Andrew Weiker (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 1:28
Round 1 – Brandon Parson (Puyallup High School-JV) pinned James Wilkes (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 3:38
Quarterfinal – Kyson Young (Puyallup High School-JV) pinned Anthony Weiker (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 1:01
L/O1 – Andrew Weiker (Cedarcrest HS-JV) pinned Wilkes (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 1:44*
L/O1 – Anthony Weiker (Cedarcrest HS-JV) won by decision over Andrew Weiker (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 6-2*
L/O2 – Anthony Weiker (Cedarcrest HS-JV) won by forfeit over Mojica Eriberto (Centralia High School-JV)
L/O3 – Sebastian Bustos (Centralia High School-JV) pinned Anthony Weiker (Cedarcrest HS-JV), 1:31
Anthony Weiker 2-2, 6th
Andrew Weiker 1-2, did not place
Wilkes 0-2, did not place
*CHS vs CHS match

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A busy day on the mat yesterday for Mount Si, Cedarcrest wrestlers

Good Sunday morning. A lot to get to from the mat this morning to lead things off.

Mount Si High School’s wrestling team took seventh yesterday at the Ed Arima Duals down in Sumner, their first weekend tourmament of the season. The Wildcats went 1-3 in their duals, with their only win coming in the seventh-place match against Curtis from University Place. Here’s highlights. We’ll feature the full results for you on a separate post.

Mount Si falls to Oregon team: The Wildcats opened with Beaverton, OR’s, Westview, and the team from suburban Portland handed Mount Si a 58-23 defeat. Only four Wildcats took wins in the meet – Tryon Kaess (126), Sam Newell (113), Connor Knowles (160) and Benton Grisso (132). Grisson and Knowles won by pins over their Westview foes while Kaess rolled to a technical fall win over his foe. Newell won by forfeit.

Wildcats drop one to host Spartans: Sumner took the second round match 56-24 over Mount Si, with Knowles getting a win at 170 after posting the one at 160 in the opening match. Also winning for Mount Si were Kaess, Braedon Haynie (145) and Gabe Hernandez (182). Knowles in his win pinned Sumner’s Isaac Padilla, while Haynie needed just 15 seconds to take down his Spartan opponent, also by pin.

Mount Si falls in close one to Kent-Meridian: K-M eked out a 42-40 decision over the Wildcats in a pin-filled dual, with all except one match either ending in a forfeit or pin. Winners for Mount Si in this one were Kaess, Haynie, Newell, Knowles back at 160, Brody Belaire (152) Jaeden Durham (170) and Cullen Geahigan (138). Geahigan, Haynie and Belaire pinned their Royal opponents in a combined 93 seconds, while Knowles needed nearly five minutes to pin his.

Wildcats escape with win over Vikings: Newell pinned Feliciano Montotya of Curtis in the deciding match to give Mount Si a 32-27 result over the Pierce County team. Also winning for Mount Si were Kaess, Haynie, Durham, Knowles and Benton Grisso (132). Durham and Knowles switched weights for this one, with Durham dropping down to 160 and Knowles moving up to 170. Both ended up with major decision wins over their Curtis opponents.

JV’s fare well: A separate tournament was held for junior varsity wrestlers, with Mount Si doing relatively well. Weight class winners included Jacob Fenn (132), Kyan Zimmerman (150) and Emmet Crowder (154). The Wildcats took fourth in this meet.

Cedarcrest competes at White River Classic
The Red Wolves varsity and JV’s both had mid-pack finishes at the Buckley event yesterday which also opened their tournament schedule. CHS’ JV’s took 10th while the varsity took 11th.

The main varsity highlights came from Matt Weinert, who rolled into the finals at 195 lbs. with two pins and a major decision win, then gave Emerald Ridge’s Kaden Martin all he could handle in that title match before Martin escaped with an 8-6 win that gave Weinert the runner-up spot in the weight class. Two other Red Wolves, Evan Reid (138) and Rylan McPhee (220), also placed, with both finishing sixth in their weight classes.

JV’s highlights came at 220 lbs., where three Red Wolves competed in that weight class. And all of them competed against one another as well in the tournament. It happened in the loser out action, with Andrew Weiker pinned James Wilkes in one match, before Anthony Weiker took a 6-2 decision over Andrew Weiker in a second CHS vs. CHS conflict. The three finished a combined 3-6 with Anthony’s 2-2 record overall earning him sixth place.

Mount Si and CHS both return to league action this coming week.

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CHS hoopsters split Friday night results, plus news from the mat, Mount Si style, to start a December weekend in the Valley….

Good Saturday morning. We start this morning on the hardwood with Cedarcrest High School’s boys and girls, and split results for the Red Wolve hoopsters last night.

CHS’ boys were home in Duvall, and got a big game from Nicolo Cammarano as they took care of Sehome in their regular season home opener. Cammarano scored 16 points to lead Cedarcrest to the 63-47 win. That all said, coach Joe Ayers praised the visiting Mariners, from Bellingham. “Sehome plays hard especially on defense…..they are a scrappy team,” Ayers told us, adding that the Red Wolves did their best to maintain that same level of defense on the Mariners but ended up getting guys in foul trouble – and Sehome to the free throw line – as a result; of Sehome’s 19 first-half points, 11 came from free throws.

The Red Wolves host Wesco rival Archbishop Murphy for a non-counting league game next Wednesday at 7:15 p.m. with the two teams meeting in their Wesco counter January 24 at Murphy.

Red Wolve girls find out there’s work to do in loss to Snohomish: Cedarcrest’s ladies opened the Wesco schedule falling on the road 42-27 to Snohomish last night at Snohomish High School, and in the process realized they need to do some work to be in the best possible condition come playoff time. “Games early in the season are very important to see what a team needs to work on to go far in the post-season. Tonight was one of those games,” Red Wolve coach Brad Knowles told us by email. “We learned that we need to do things a little faster and with more physicality.”

Kat Townley led CHS with 11 points, but the team was without junior sharpshooter Jaylin Yowell, out after another knee injury, this in the win over Interlake in the Red Wolves’ season opener Wednesday. Even with that, Cedarcrest didn’t let that faze them. “We missed some shots that we usually make and when you combine that with going against a hot shooting team, it’s hard to win. But I’m proud of the girls, they fought all game long and showed a lot of toughness,” Knowles told us.

Cedarcrest is at Monroe next Thursday for a 7:15 p.m. tipoff.

Wrestling: Mount Si falls to Newport
The Wildcats opened the season Thursday falling at home in a close one to Newport, 38-33. Winners for Mount Si were Mark Marum (120), in a major decision over Knight Coren Hokama 14-3; Tryon Kaess (126), by technical fall over Newport’s Mason Hogan; Braedon Haynie (145) and Connor Knowles (170), both by pin over their Knight opponents; Brody Belaire (152), who scored a 4-0 decision over Newport’s Isaac Mount, and Luke Harper (182), who delivered a 12-8 decision over Knight Dane Hansen.

Mount Si is in the Sumner Duals tournament today to open up their Saturday tournament schedule.

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Duvall’s Kuehn delivers in the classroom as well as she does on the soccer pitch, and gets recognized with national honor as result

We also have this for you today. A Valley college athlete has received a big honor for her excellence in the classroom.

Linfield College senior women’s soccer player Sydney Kuehn, from Duvall, was named as an Academic All-American this week. Kuehn was chosen by the College Sports Information Directors of America to its’ women’s soccer’s national Academic All-America second team. According to Linfield, she becomes the first player in the school’s soccer history to be recognized in this fashion.

In a statement, the soccer program’s head is thrilled. “We’re extremely proud of Sydney’s Academic All-America honor,” said Linfield director of soccer Steve Simmons. “Of all the awards she’s earned this season, to be recognized as one of our nation’s best on the field and in the classroom is truly remarkable and another point of pride for Linfield soccer.”

Kuehn, a 2015 Cedarcrest HS grad, currently holds down a 3.99 grade point average and is a pre-med major with an eye on medical school following her graduation next spring from the McMinnville, OR, college.

A congrats to Sydney from us!

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